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CoreResources is the ultimate platform for creating an engaging, user-friendly digital resource center on your website. Built by the experienced developers at Creative MMS, CoreResources is your solution for organizing your online content and establishing your brand as an industry expert.

Increase Lead Generation Through Content

Your audience is online, researching answers to common industry questions. They’re looking for quality solutions to help solve their pain points. Does your brand create informative content like articles, videos, guides, and infographics that speaks to their needs? 

If so, it’s beneficial to organize these helpful resources on your website into a content hub. That’s where CoreResources comes in.

CoreResources is a custom resource center platform that Creative MMS developed to help your brand attract leads through SEO. It’s beautiful, functional, and has the potential to be highly profitable for your brand.

What problems does it solve?

Included Resource Types


Adding your Podcast episodes to your content hub is the perfect way to generate new listeners. CoreResources makes it easy for your website visitors to discover, listen to, and share your Podcasts.

Available Metadata:
  • Podcast Embed
  • Podcast Length
  • Podcast Transcript
  • Additional Content


In the News articles allow you to feature publications that have been published on an outside website about your brand. Publications resource types redirect visitors to the original article. 

Available Metadata:
  • Publication Company
  • Publication Date
  • Publication Author
  • Publication URL


Easily add new videos to your digital resource library as you create them. This organized, easily digestible content will empower your sales team and give your audience a personalized look at your business. 

Available Metadata:
  • Video URL
  • Video Transcript
  • Video Length
  • Additional Content


Upload and manage your pre-recorded webinars within minutes. With your webinars housed in one centralized hub, search engines can identify the value in your website and boost your rankings.

Available Metadata:
  • Webinar Start Time
  • Webinar End Time
  • Webinar Length
  • Webinar Description
  • Webinar Register URL
  • Webinar Watch URL


A whitepaper is an authoritative, in-depth report or guide that discusses a complex problem and presents a solution. CoreResources makes it easy to add non-gated and gated whitepapers to your website.

Available Metadata:
  • Whitepaper Date
  • Whitepaper Download URL
  • Whitepaper Landing Page URL
  • Additional Content

More Than Just A Tool

Included Ongoing Services

Creative MMS won’t just build a beautiful resource library on your website. We’ll also ensure that your content has the foundation to reach and engage your target audience with the following services:

Gain immediate access to templates that will make your content writing easier. Save time and plan ahead with our customizable templates designed by our content marketers to keep your business on track.

We’ll provide a video walkthrough to guide you through the process of strategic content creation. This will help propel any new resources in front of your target audience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Our team is driven by real-time data. You’ll receive monthly in-depth reports to keep a pulse on your content hub’s monthly engagement metrics. These analytics are vital for informing future content and optimization efforts.

CoreResources Pricing

CoreResources Center Only

Get the license to start using CoreResources. Gain access to our knowledge base for training and receive code to download CoreResources on your website. Start uploading and organizing basic content types, including Podcasts, Publications, Videos, Webinars, and Whitepapers.


One Time Price: $1,450

Ongoing Price: $365/Quarter

CoreResources Packages Pricing


Base-level access for those who are comfortable with coding. Add CoreResources to your own website and use basic features.

Starting Price


Ongoing Price: $365/Quarter


Access all the basic CoreResources features with more add-ons included to make installation and content filtering easier.

Starting Price


Ongoing Price: $365/Quarter


Get premiere access to all the features that ensure your content is organized and optimized for search engines. We install and manage your resource library while you watch the traffic come in.

One Time Price


Ongoing Price: $365/Quarter

Resource Center
Content Audit Worksheet
Content Calendar Template
Knowledge Base Access
Basic Content Types
Monthly Content Report
Basic Templates
Filtering Views Add-on Upgrade
Installation, configuration and personalized training session Add-on Upgrade
Data Migration Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade
Organize - Content Audit Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade
Optimize - SEO Planning and Content Optimization Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade
Custom Layouts Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade
Additional Content Type Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade
Hubspot Integration Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade Add-on Upgrade