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Standard Fields

Last updated on June 28, 2021


Standard resource type field set up the resources data.

Standard Fields

  1. Title – Enter the title of the resource
  2. Featured Image – Add a featured image for the resource. The featured image can be shown as a thumbnail and also on the single resource page
  3. Resource Data – This is the main resource fields component.
  4. Resource Type – Select a resource type. The resource type selection controls the fields in the details tab and is added to the permalink structure.
  5. Resource Tags – Select an existing tag or add new ones. Resource tags can be used for filtering resources.
  6. Additional WYSIWYG Content – Add additional content that can be displayed on the single resource.
  7. Post Summary – Enter main bullet points about the resource. Use our custom elementor widget to display the post summary in the resource template.
  8. Resource Schema – Enter your own resource schema or use this Schema markup generator to create structured JSON-LD markups, including all of the required item properties and more.
  9. Resource Authors – Select additional authors for the resource, then use the CoreResources Author widget to display connected authors.


Post Summary

Resource Schema

Resource Authors