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Last updated on April 26, 2021


Webinars have two states; future webinars and past webinars. If your webinar is in the future enter a webinar registration url. This action displays a register CTA on the single webinar page allowing users to sign up for your webinar. When your webinar is over add a watch url to allow users to watch the webinar without signing up.

Webinar Fields

  1. Webinar Date –  Select the date of the webinar (09-04-2025)
  2. Start Time – Select the start time of the webinar (1:00 pm)
  3. End Time – Select the end time of the webinar (2:00 pm)
  4. Webinar Length – Enter the duration of the webinar (1 hour)
  5. Webinar Description – Enter the description of the webinar
  6. Webinar Register URL – Enter the registration url of the webinar
  7. Webinar Watch URL – Enter the watch url of the webinar.

Future Webinar

Past Webinar