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Image & Icon Box Widgets: How To’s

Last updated on December 15, 2022

What is an Image/Icon Box Widget in Elementor?

The Image Box and Icon Box Widgets let you add a widget that combines an image/icon with a corresponding headline and description. The difference between an Image Box widget and an Icon Box widget is that one uses an image from your media library, while the other uses an icon from the Fontawesome icon library (or a custom .svg icon file).

How do I edit an Image/Icon Box Widget in the Elementor page editor?

  1. To get started in the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the “Pages” section in the left panel.
  2. From here hover over the page you want to update an Image/Icon Box widget on, and click the “Edit with Elementor” button. This will load the page into the Elementor page editor.
  3. Once you are in the Elementor page editor, scroll down and click on the Image/Icon Box widget. This will bring up the widget’s settings in the left panel.
  4. Here you can edit settings for:
    • Image/Icon
    • Title
    • Description
    • Link (this is optional)