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Resources Archive

Last updated on June 28, 2021

While logged in, navigate to the main Resources page and click “Customizer” on the top admin bar. This will bring up the Customizer settings on the left with the view of the Resources page on the right. As you change the settings inside the Customizer, the right side will refresh so you can visualize the changes in real time.

On the left, click into “CoreResources” and then “Resources Archive” to bring up the settings for the Resources Archive.

There are 5 sections of options for the Resources Archive:

  1. Layout – This is where the template for the archive is set and setup options for the chosen template.
  2. Header – The style of the template header is controlled with these options.
  3. Sidebar – If you are using the “Sections with Sidebar” archive template, the options here are for styling that sidebar.
  4. Content – Control some of the basic styles for the main content on the template.
  5. Buttons – Style the buttons on the archive template.


The first step is to choose the archive layout. There are 3 options:

  • Theme Default
  • Full Grid
  • Sections with Sidebar

Theme Default

[insert image with caption of what theme it is using]

This layout is dependent on your website’s theme. It will try to pull in the Resources into your theme’s default archive template. There are no specific options in this section when selecting this template.

Full Grid

[insert image]

This layout displays all Resources together in one view in the style of a responsive grid. There are no specific options in this section when selecting this template.

Sections with Sidebar

[insert image]

This layout will display a sidebar on the left that pulls in a list of the available Resource Types and links to their individual pages. On the right will be the different content types individually displayed in a grid view with a button to view all of the specific type.

This layout gives the ability to choose what type of content to display. You can choose to display only content in the Resources post type by choosing which Resource Types to show or you can also mix and match different Post Types, Post Categories, and Post Tags with the Resource Types. There are a few settings to configure once selecting this layout due to the ability to pick and choose the content sections.

  • Sections For Display – this is a repeatable setting that lets you select the order and content types you can display on the right of the layout. Add as many sections as desired and rearrange the order by dragging and dropping them in the list.
  • Content Type – Select from this dropdown the Resource Type, Post Type, Post Category, or Post Tag to display.
  • Description – A short description to display below this section’s heading.
  • Button Text – The text on the “View All” button.
  • Button URL – By default, the “View All” button will try to link to the content’s default archive. If a custom page is being used over the default archive, you will need to manually enter the URL for that custom page.
  • Number Of Posts – this is a number field to decide how many items to show in each section.

[insert gif of using the settings here]


[insert image]

When using an Archive Layout except for Theme Default, this section can be used to style the archive header using the following settings:

  • Background – custom styling for the background of the header
  • Title Typography – custom styling for the header title
  • Show Breadcrumbs – toggle this on to add breadcrumbs below the archive title.
  • Breadcrumbs Typography – this will appear when show breadcrumbs is toggled on


[insert image]

If you chose the “Sections with Sidebar” archive template, use the settings here to style the sidebar.

  • Links Typography – styles the list of links within the sidebar
  • Links Hover Color – the color of the links list on hover
  • Border Bottom Size – controls the border in between each list item
  • Border Bottom Color – color of border in between each list item
  • Background Color – background of the sidebar
  • Title – the heading on the top of the sidebar
  • Title Typography – customize the style of the title
  • Text – the text that will display below the title text
  • Text Typography – customize the style of the text


[insert image]

When using an Archive Layout except for Theme Default, the settings here will control the main content area.

  • Title Typography – customize the page title styling
  • Description Typography – customize the description text below the title
  • Background Color – the color of the content area’s background
  • Content Width – percentage width for the content area
  • Content Space Below – when using the “Sections with Sidebar” layout, this will control the pixel space in between sections
  • Title Space Below – the space below the content title in pixels
  • Description Space Below – the space below the content descriptions in pixels


When using an Archive Layout except for Theme Default, the settings here will control the styling of any buttons inside the page. These include the following settings:

  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Hover Background Color
  • Hover Text Color
  • Border Radius (pixels)
  • Border Width (pixels)
  • Border Color
  • Hover Border Color

Once you are done editing the settings, hit “Publish” at the top to save your changes.