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Resources Cards

Last updated on June 28, 2021

The Resources Cards refer to the way resources are displayed in the grid. If you are using a Resource Archive template besides the Theme Default option, you will see the cards on your Resources Archive. Additionally, on a Single Resource view if you have the “Related Posts” widget turned on you will see the cards there as well. The settings here will apply to both places.

While logged in, navigate to the any page that would show the Resources Cards such as the Resource Archive and click “Customizer” on the top admin bar. This will bring up the Customizer settings on the left with the view of the page on the right. As you change the settings inside the Customizer, the right side will refresh so you can visualize the changes in real time.

On the left, click into “CoreResources” and then “Resources Cards” to bring up the settings for the Resource Cards.

[insert image of cards]

By default, there are 5 sections of options for the Resources Cards:

  1. General Styling – contains controls for styling the card itself and all elements inside of it
  2. Default – the controls here will apply to all resource types until you overwrite their changes individually
  3. Resource Types: In The News
  4. Resource Types: Podcasts
  5. Resource Types: Videos
  6. Resource Types: Webinars
  7. Resource Types: Whitepapers

All the Resource Type sections have the same controls as the “Default” section – this is to allow overriding of the Default settings per Resource Type as desired.

If you have extra resource types, any additional resource types will also have their own section of controls automatically added here which will have the same controls as seen in the “Default”.

If you are using the “Sections with Sidebar” template for the Resources Archive and add any content types outside of the Resource Types, they will get their own section of controls automatically added here as well. (You must publish your “Sections with Sidebar” section changes and then refresh the Customizer page before you will see those appear).

General Styling

The General Styling contains many style controls for customizing the way all of the cards look. Those settings include:

  • Card – the card “box” styling
    • Background Color
    • Padding
    • Border Radius (px)
    • Border Width (px)
    • Border Color
  • Thumbnail – the featured image on the card
    • Thumbnail Ratio – controls how large the image will be displayed
  • Title – the title of the resource
    • Typography
  • Date – the post date (or webinar date for webinar types)
    • Typography
  • Taxonomy – the chosen taxonomy display
    • Typography
    • Icon
    • Icon Width (px)
  • Excerpt – the short excerpt of text from the main content
    • Typography
  • Authors – list of resource authors
    • Typography
  • Comments & Reading Time – the display of the resource’s comments and how long the content takes to read
    • Typography
    • Comments Icon
    • Reading Time Icon
    • Icons Width (px)
  • Read More – the link to see the rest of the resource information on its single page
    • Typography
  • Divider – the divider used between content on the card
    • Divider Color
    • Divider Width (px)


These are the default settings that will apply to all cards unless overwritten specifically in that resource/content type’s section. All the individual sections will have these same settings as the default. The settings are:

  • Show Thumbnail – toggle the featured image on or off
  • Thumbnail Icon – set an icon for the image
  • Show Badge – show a badge displaying a chosen taxonomy
  • Card Meta – choose the items you want to display on the card. Items can be turned on or off and use drag & drop to rearrange the order. The available meta items are:
    • Title
    • Date
    • Taxonomy
    • Excerpt
    • Author(s)
    • Divider
    • Comments and Read Time
    • Read More Button