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Resources Type Archive

Last updated on June 28, 2021

While logged in, navigate to any Resource Type Archive page and click “Customizer” on the top admin bar. This will bring up the Customizer settings on the left with the view of the Resources Type Archive page on the right. As you change the settings inside the Customizer, the right side will refresh so you can visualize the changes in real time.

On the left, click into “CoreResources” and then “Resources Type Archive” to bring up the settings for the Resources Type Archive. There are only 2 available settings here:

    1. Add Filter – toggle this on for the ability to add a FacetWP filter
      1. Filter Shortcode – once add filter is toggled on, you can paste your FacetWP shortcode(s) here.

See the FacetWP filter documentation for more information on how to enable filtering.