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Resources Single

Last updated on June 28, 2021

While logged in, navigate to the any individual Resource and click “Customizer” on the top admin bar. This will bring up the Customizer settings on the left with the view of the single Resource page on the right. As you change the settings inside the Customizer, the right side will refresh so you can visualize the changes in real time.

On the left, click into “CoreResources” and then “Resources Single” to bring up the settings for the Resources Single templates.

There are 5 sections of options for the Resources Archive:

  1. Header – Control the basic setup of the single page header.
  2. Header Styles – Customize the styling of the different elements inside of the header.
  3. Footer – Control the basic setup of the single page footer.
  4. Footer Styles – Customize the styling of the different elements inside of the footer.


The first step is to customize the Header options. The available controls are:

  • Header Background Image – choose between using the resource’s featured image or set a custom image that will apply to all resources.
    • Choosing Custom will bring up the following settings:
      • Background Color
      • Background Image
      • Background Repeat
      • Background Position
      • Background Size
      • Background Attachment
  • Header Meta – choose what information will display on the header from the choices of taxonomy, title, author(s), date, and share buttons. Any of these can toggled on or off and use drag & drop to rearrange the ordering.
  • Author Style – if Author(s) is turned on in the Header Meta, you can use the “List Style” or “Columns With Headshot style” to display them [insert image]
  • Share Label – the text displaying with the Share Buttons if those are turned on

Header Styles

Once you have the Header arrangement setup, you can style each piece of the header here.

  • Layout
    • Header Padding – control the padding inside of the header
  • Title
    • Typography – font styles and color
    • Space Below – space in pixels below the title
  • Taxonomy
    • Typography
    • Space Below
  • Date
    • Typography
    • Space Below
  • Authors
    • Typography
    • Space Below


There are 3 widgets that can be turned on inside the footer:

  • Show Related Posts – this will show up to 3 other Resources within the same Resource Type
  • Show About the Author(s) – Display the author name and basic info with a link to their author page
  • Show Next/Prev Pagination – Allow users to navigate between articles based on publish date

[insert image showing all 3 options]

Footer Styles

After toggling on any of the options for the footer, you can then style each piece here.

  • Section – these controls affect the whole footer section containing the toggled on widgets
    • Background Color
    • Padding
  • Related Posts – these affect the  “Related Posts” text when using the Related Posts widget
    • Heading Typography
    • Heading Space Below
    • Grid Outer Padding
  • Pagination – these affect the button styles of the Next/Prev buttons when turned on
    • Typography
    • Background Color
    • Hover Background Color
    • Hover Text Color
    • Border Radius (px)
    • Border Width (px)
    • Border Color
    • Hover Border Color
    • Padding