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Add Users to your Google Ads Account

Last updated on October 27, 2021

Payment Information

For each of the paid platforms utilized, we will need to ensure payment information is correct to launch. Typically we will capture this information from you via a phone call to set up accounts, but if you already have accounts created please validate you have up-to-date payment information in place. 

  1. Credit Card Information is PREFERRED
    1. Credit Card is the preferred payment type for each platform
      1. Necessary information is the CC #, Expiration Date, CCV (security code on back), billing zip code, and cardholder’s name as it appears on the CC
  2. Banking Information NOT RECOMMENDED
    1. Bank information needs to be verified prior to setting campaigns active
      1. If this is desired, the platform will make small deposits to the account during the course of 1-3 business days, these amounts must then be entered to the platform to confirm the bank account
      2. Necessary information is the Name on the Bank Account, Account Type (Saving, Checking, Business, etc), Routing Number, and Account Number

Google Adwords

  1. Provide your customer ID number from your Google Ads account (CID # is ten digits long and is located in the top right corner of the Google Ads interface)
  2. This CID is then used to request access from the ( Google Manager Account
  3. Once this request has been sent, you must approve the request by logging into the Google Ads interface, selecting Tools at the top of the page, then Account Access from the right-most column

Additional Google Account Access for Paid Search (Google Ads)

These are not Google Ads specific, but are necessary to gain access in order for us to complete certain tasks

  1. Google Analytics
    1. Google Analytics must be shared with your agency partner at the Admin level, this is the only permission level which has the ability to link Google Ads and Analytics for the two properties to share data
  2. Google Search Console
    1. This provides the ability to view organic impressions against paid impressions within the Google Ads interface
  3. Google My Business
    1. This is required if your agency partner is going to use location extensions within the Google Ads interface 
  4. Google Merchant Center (necessary for e-commerce)
    1. Log-in to Google Merchant Center
    2. Once logged in, select the three vertical dot drop down menu in the top right corner of the interface
    3. Select the 5th option in the drop down menu “Users”
    4. Select the blue plus sign above the user list
    5. Provide admin access to