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FTP Access

Last updated on December 15, 2022

Your website’s hosting provider is the service providing the server space where your site’s files are stored, allowing them to be accessed on the internet. Most web hosts (such as Dream Host, GoDaddy, etc.) provide you FTP information after you’ve signed up for a webhosting package. This is the information we need to make changes on the backend of your site. Typically, you’ll find this information in the welcome email from your host. The FTP username and password are most often the same as your cPanel username and password.

The hostname​ can be your domain name or your domain with ftp at the beginning.

Example: or

Example FTP Information:

  • HOST:​ or
  • USERNAME:​ MyUsername456
  • PASSWORD:​ MyPassword123
  • Live Web Directory:​ public_html

If you have a developer, they will also have this information if you do not have access. If you do not have a developer, please contact your hosting provider for the above information.